Odli Rare Vision from the Word Go:

Words being weighed and

Spread around in season;

 connecting the world 

through rhyme and through reason.

We’re bards with a vision

to make cards (and other wordy things) on commission (and as we see need):

using words as one should – to do people good.

We are Word-Watchers, specialised in…

U n r a v e l l i n g words, twisted by verbal pollution




               ging onto every word cliched through hackneyed dilution

Word-painting thousands of pictures for our nears and dears

In times of celebrating, thanking, or shedding of tears

We play on words, restoring buzz, honour, and magic

Until Word gets around and the world gets less tragic.

You can take our word(s) to mark your word(s)

We gather words from the tip-of-your-tongue
We frame the words you meant to say all along
No putting
words into mouths, swallowing, or eating
We want words to 
spell L. I. F. E with every greeting.

So if you’re in want of a better word,

lost for words, and maybe mince your words, too…

If you have no words or have been failed by words, we have a proposition for you:

Let Odli Rare sculpt your words (edgeways if necessary) into forms you can use

to create connection and  L I F E in the world as you choose.

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